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business presents

Business gifts are an expression of gratitude for good business relations and mutual cooperation, as well as a symbol of selected taste, sophistication and traditional outlook.

What will impress your customers and business partners more than exquisitely selected home-made goodies for their tummies?

We have prepared for you the refined flavors of spicy sauces in elegant bottles and pleasant colors.

#6tejst sauces are the result of using a judicious amount of chili and are therefore suitable for everyone. With them, we try to present to you a combination of several elements of vegetables and fruits, which, when accompanied by chili, stimulate a true fantasy of flavors.

They are all Slovenian handmade products made from fresh ingredients and are free of added artificial preservatives and flavor enhancers, which is why they will especially impress your gift recipients.

You can choose from our very special Miss BBQ Cherryont , which will enchant you with its aroma of cherry beer. It is an excellent accompaniment to grilled dishes, fries or chips. It also goes well with your BBQ specialties.

But you might like our tropical mix between mango and pineapple - Mangonas , which you can use in burgers, pizzas, pasta and even spoon dishes.

You can also choose our very special grilled companion Čebulito , a combination of smoked paprika and fried onions. It will perfectly season čevapčiče, patties, cutlets and other grilled delicacies.

The 6tejst sauces are equipped with an elegant foil and have a gift ribbon on top. V
if you give a larger quantity of sauces, we will wrap them in your choice
cardboard box.

If you want to have a positive impact on business performance and take your colleagues into the world of the sixth taste, 6tejst sauces are the right choice for everyone.

Send your inquiry to info@6tejst.si and we will be happy to help you design gifts.

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